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From resilience to expansion and sustainable success, the key ingredients in rethinking global economies
Economies are recovering in many different shapes and forms, confronting businesses with unforeseen challenges. Technology can help customers overcome these challenges and provide the key ingredients to build sustainable success.
Discuss major challenges and opportunities business face and how organizations are partnering with SAP and INTEL to reinvent THE GLOBAL ECONOMIES.
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Learn from experts how organizations can harness technology to build a sustainable future.
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Be inspired by a motivational speech on how leaders can build sustainable success and great organizations.
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Key ingredients for a sustainable success
2022 starts on a positive executive sentiment, with organizations expecting to see better economic opportunities. In such environment, technology has become a source for differentiation.
Manos Raptopoulos - President at SAP EMEA South
Driving Business Innovation Together
Over the last 20 months organizations have embraced the power of innovative technologies to remain competitive. Today, organizations must evolve and capitalize on the growth opportunities by rethinking the global economies.
Brian Duffy - President of Cloud at SAP
Santiago Franco - Global CIO at Amadeus
Power of Technology
Irfan Khan - President of SAP HANA Database & Analytics
The Power of Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips
Managing data is a top priority for SAP customers. Insights gained from mission-critical data aid customers in their decision-making process, while also enabling them to respond to changes in business dynamics. Learn how infrastructure optimization is key to the performance, memory, and security demands needed to respond to current data management challenges.
Henning Eid - Global SAP Account Director at Intel Corporation
Driving Your Edge to Cloud Sustainability Strategy
Intel’s long-standing commitment to environmental leadership through sustainable manufacturing, data center design and ecosystem partnerships helps our customers and community stakeholders successfully innovate to meet the needs of the future. Learn about Intel’s sustainable strategy and partnership with SAP to reduce carbon footprint from the edge to the cloud.
Jennifer Huffstetler - Vice President & GM, Data Center Platform Strategy & Mobilization at Intel Corporation
Distributed intelligence becomes a driving force for digital transformation
By 2025, 75% of data will not be created within the datacenter but at the edge and end points according to IDC. Mining data intelligence at the edge, near the data source or point of service delivery, requires a distributed software and compute infrastructure to deliver actionable insights in real time. As data-intensive workloads shift closer to the edge, AI and 5G will open the door for digital transformation. Join us to learn more of the comprehensive data strategy from edge to cloud to deliver intelligence to where it is needed most.
Bill Pearson - Vice President, IoTG GM, Developer Enabling at Intel Corporation
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